Our Services

Mobile App security has become a critical need and challenge. Delta Line International will help you to solve this challenge and will assist you to protect and secure your Mobile Application against threats with the SnoopWall’s patents-pending AppShield™ SDK. AppShield can secure any mobile app on all major platforms. The AppShield SDK makes your app invisible to any other app on the mobile device which might otherwise eavesdrop on it. With 24/7/365 active monitoring, regular updates and a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, you can be assured that your app’s security and customer data are safe, all the while providing a non-intrustive customer experience. Our engineers will work with you to integrate this amazing technology to your Mobile app.

Delta line offers businesses IT consultancy service through advising them on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives and what they need to cover all IT aspects and how to develop their environment to follow latest technology updates.

The main goal is to help business make their IT environment reliable, Secured and scalable.

We help businesses to locate their IT Security vulnerabilities and risks to insure that all security aspects are covered and all necessary components are integrated to their environment.

Security assessment stages:

  • Environment and requirements study
  • Risk Identification and Vulnerability Scan
  • Data analyses
  • Documenting and reporting
  • Recommendations implementation

Our team of experts is ready to provide you professional services anytime and anywhere to fulfill your needs. We study, plan, design, Implement and support you to a level that exceeds you expectations. Our team will collaborate with you in every step to achieve your goals.