• Enterprise features at SMB prices
  • Guarantee Cloud Connectivity
  • Supports up to 4 ISPs


  • Break the 100Mbps barrier
  • Guarantee Cloud Connectivity
  • Supports up to 8 ISPs


  • Our most affordable multi-core platform
  • Two link balancer instances into one unit
  • Designed for your Hybrid WAN


  • Built for Hybrid WAN deployments
  • Two link balancer instances into one unit
  • Desktop or Rackmount format


  • Multi-core performance
  • Guarantee Cloud Connectivity
  • Two link balancer instances into one unit


  • 2 virtual balancers in one unit
  • Cloud balancing ready
  • Gigabit ports


  • Designed with 10Gbps ports
  • Ideal for large datacenters
  • Redundant power supplies

Elfiq Link Balancer

The Elfiq Link Balancer product line enables organizations of all sizes to utilize and manage multiple concurrent Internet Service Providers and private WAN links simply and securely to ensure business continuity, balance the traffic load to meet and exceed their bandwidth needs for local or cloud needs.

Top Features:

Traffic Segmentation

The Elfiq Link Balancer product line brings a new level of bandwidth management and uptime to any organization looking to improve their overall competitiveness and reduce costs.

Flex Multipath Routing

Flex Multipath Routing (FMR) technology allows today’s modern businesses to mix private and public links resulting in flexibility, savings, more network performance, business continuity, seamless failover and smarter path selection.

Quality of Service (QoS)

The Elfiq Networks QoS feature enables organizations to proactively manage bandwidth allocated to services and applications, to ensure that key elements such as email, VoIP and VPN have the required bandwidth and that less desirable traffic does not capture critical throughput.


Elfiq Networks’ slice is a priority focused Quality of Service engine. Its main goal is to service your traffic and re-order packets to ensure your priority traffic is always serviced first. This is critical for low-bandwidth high-priority applications such as VoIP and teleconferencing.


The Elfiq Networks’ VPN engine features enables an organization to leverage traditional internet links and use them as site-to-site VPN tunnels. Supplementing or replacing WAN links with Elfiq SSL VPN is a key for all organizations wanting to optimize their bandwidth while lowering their costs.


SitePathMTPX WAN bandwidth virtualization is an innovative feature enabling point to point application acceleration and resilience, creating the opportunity for organizations to maximize multisite communications and services.

Intelligent DNS (iDNS) Inbound Balancing

iDNS is commonly used to balance key services to ensure 100% availability such as roaming client VPNs, web-based applications such as transactional sites and web-based email and SMTP email traffic.