Delta Line International has been
classified as a SOPHOS platinum partner

SOPHOS SafeGuard overview

SOPHOS SafeGuard Encryption

Protecting the data, wherever it goes.

Complete data protection across multiple platforms and devices; securing your data without slowing you down.


  • Ensures productivity by securing sensitive data wherever it is stored: laptops, USB devices, network shares or even in the cloud, with minimal impact on performance
  • Makes regulatory compliance easier with policy enforcement and reporting
  • Provides key management that lets authorized users share data securely and easily
  • Save time using the central console for data protection policy definition and management
  • Manages all devices in the organization from one place, including hard disks encrypted with BitLocker or FileVault 2 and Opal self-encrypting drives
  • Uses the latest processor technology to make sure that encrypted machines are faster than ever

SafeGuard Enterprise Modules:

  • Management Center: Implements and enforces a common, organization-wide security policy framework, providing you with a central point of management control in mixed IT environments.
  • Device Encryption: Transparently encrypts data on laptops, desktops and external media, protecting your users against unauthorized access, loss or theft of data.
  • Data Exchange: Ensures the secure exchange of data on removable media with your business partners and customers, even if they don’t have a SafeGuard application installed.
  • Encryption for Cloud Storage: Encrypts files uploaded to cloud storage services from managed computers. We also include readers for opening these files on iOS and Android devices.
  • Native Device Encryption: Manages third-party security applications such as Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault 2 drive encryption.
  • Encryption for File Shares: Encrypts user data across workgroups. Protect your data on local drives and network servers, at both the file and directory levels.